A​utism is a puzzling condition in which social and communication skills are affected.  An extraordinary voice has emerged to shed light on what it's like to live with autism, and how to best help individuals with this perplexing and serious disorder.  Temple Grandin, a doctor of animal science, is a best selling author who also happens to be a individual with high-functioning autism.  She describes living with autism as akin to being an "anthropologist on Mars".  Today Grandin is a professor at Colorado State University, where she teaches courses on livestock behavior.  She is noted for her groundbreaking work in the field of animal welfare, as well as for autism advocacy.  Much in demand as a speaker, Temple Grandin will appear at the Future Horizons' and Sensory World's Autism/Asperger's Conference in Galveston Texas on December 17th, 2010.  

Some of Grandin's books include:  

A compelling film about Grandin's life, Temple Grandin, starring Claire Danes, debuted on HBO this year to rave reviews.  The movie was nominated for fifteen Emmy awards and received seven.

Grandin was named one of 2010's most influencial people by Time Magazine.  Because of her vision, achievements, and advocacy, Grandin is not just an influencial person.  She is an inspiration.  "Nature is cruel, but we don't have to be," says Grandin.  A diagnosis of autism may seem a cruel blow.  This incredible woman shows us what is possible, in spite of that.   

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