A Universe of Thriller and Suspense Stories

Summer has kicked into full gear and so has the Maud Marks Summer Genre Challenge.  Everytime you read a book in certain genres you can enter to win a basket of books in that genre.  If you read in 5 different genres, you get an entry to win our grand prize basket which includes a Kindle Fire, a gift card to Katy Budget Books, and 4 tickets to the Alamo Drafthouse.

This week we are looking at thrillers and suspense stories.  Thrillers are page-turning, heart-pounding stories we read because they are very much about life as we currently know it.  We read them for the satisfying moment when our hero triumphs over the bad guys.  Regardless of the setting, fathomless levels of secrecy and duplicity lead to moles,  double agents, and opportunities to inflict betrayal.  Current events, politics, contemporary values, and state-of-the-art technology form the backdrop of the story.

Are you ready to try a thriller or suspense book?  Start with Harlan Coben, Suzanne Rindell, Brad Meltzer, or David Rosenfelt

This summer explore the Universe of Stories!