Upcoming Western Movie Tie-in


First published in 1988, The Homesman won both the Spur Award and the Wrangler Award, as well as being a Book of the Month Club selection for that year.  Now it is scheduled to be released this year as a major motion picture, directed by Tommy Lee Jones. This is not the first novel by Glendon Swarthout to win such prestigious awards. The Shootist (1975), also released as a major motion picture, starring John Wayne, won the Spur Award for that year.
Mr. Swarthout, made a name for himself as a writer who explored the courage and the cruelty of which human beings are capable as they encounter the hardships of life. Whether set in contemporary times or a bygone era, he dealt with the realities of our experiences, rather than the fantasies that dominate so much popular culture today. His works speak for themselves, and they have stood the test of time.
Coupled with that, anything directed by Tommy Lee Jones is worth seeing. And you can read the book before the movie is even released!
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