UPDATE: Apple iOS5 update

To those who updated their Apple products to iOS 5, on 11-3-2011, Overdrive released an update to the Overdrive Media Console that fixes the issue.  Please download and install the new version of the Overdrive Media Catalog, and check for updates for iTunes.

I have tested it and the eAudio title I transferred did not go into the audiobook section like it used to.  A playlist is created for the audiobook.  In the update that released today, the name of the eAudio is now included in the transfer instead of random numbers.  The newest version is

If you are suffering any issues after updating to iOS 5, make sure to update iTunes and Overdrive and hopefully the issue will be solved.  And no more random numbers instead of chapter titles!



I downloaded the new iTunes,

I downloaded the new iTunes, new Overdrive, new iOS5 and I still can't transfer audiobooks to my iPhone. Yes, I have it set to manually transfer. Overdrive can't fine iTunes or my iPhone on any of my 3 computers I have tried this on. So I went to my local library to transfer my downloads. Nope, they don't have Overdrive or iTunes installed at the library! Makes me want to stick with audible.com

  We are unable to offer


We are unable to offer iTunes or Overdrive in the library because of licensing restrictions with the publishers.

If you would, could you please turn the phone off and then on again?  I have seen a reboot fix this issue.  If it does not, please let me know and I will contact our software developer to see if they have any information.  If you would, could you also include the operating systems you use and the Overdrive version it shows installed?

Mike Saperstein