Update: Changes to www.hcpl.net

We experienced some major problems with the site over the past couple of days and as a result we have had to switch to our new theme. For some customers, the menu containing the links to our catalog and My Account is being pushed into the banner and making it difficult to read. We are still working on this issue as well as the problems some customers are experiencing with the dropdown menu tabs. The menu that allows you to access the Catalog and My Account now also appears in the left hand sidebar just under the weather display and the Twitter button and Facebook Like button. Please click the image to the right to see a screenshot highlighting this menu. Thank you for your patience while we work on these issues.


Since the "update" I've

Since the "update" I've noticed that you've changed the method of notice for holds from email to phone. I have always requested being contacted by email. Why is email no longer being used? I never authorized this change to my contact information, but whenever I try to enter a hold, it always tells me I'll be contacted by phone. I don't want to be contacted this way and there appears to be no way it can be corrected.

The update to the website and

The update to the website and the change in mail notices to phone notices are two different things.  We have not stopped sending email notices, only postal mail notices.  We would be happy to review your account to be sure you are receiving your preferred method of notices.  Please use the Contact Us form and be sure to provide your library card and PIN.

I like the change so I can

I like the change so I can see the top menu

Thank you for your response.

Thank you for your response. We will take a look at this.