User Not Activated – Mac

A PDF document of these instructions with images is also available.

If you have transferred a title to the Nook and you are receiving an error that states “User Not Activated,” your device may be activated to a different Adobe ID than the one that the Adobe Digital Editions is activated with on the computer.

The Nook sometimes comes with an Adobe Digital Editions folder preinstalled and this sometimes interferes with the use of your device.  To fix this issue, please follow the below steps.

  1. Close the Adobe Digital Editions program if it is currently open.
  2. Connect your Nook to the computer if it is not connected.
  3. Open the “Nook” drive located on your computers desktop.
  4. Delete the folder called “Digital Editions” by dragging and dropping it to the waste basket.
  5. You will now need to delete the hidden files on the Nook associated with Adobe Digital Editions. This process is detailed in steps 6-12.
  6. Open the Applications folder on your Mac. You can find a link to this on the left-hand side of the Nook window.
  7. Open the “Utilities” folder.
  8. Open “Terminal”
  9. In the prompt, type or copy and paste the following and hit return:   cd /volumes/nook
    please note that there is a space between “cd” and “/volumes”
  10. Next, type or copy and paste the following and hit return:  ls –al 
    please note that there is a space between   ”ls” and “-al”
  11. You should now see a folder in the list called .adobe-digital-editions 
  12. Delete the folder by typing or coping and pasting the following and hit return:
    rm -fr .adobe-digital-editions
    Please note that there is a space between “rm” and “-fr” as well as the space between “-fr” and “-adobe”. When typing in the command, the text may rap around to the next line.  This is normal.
  13. Disconnect the Nook from the computer.
  14. Re-open the Adobe Digital Editions program.
  15. Re-connect your Nook to your Mac.
  16. It should now detect your device and ask you to authorize it.
  17. Click “Authorize Device”.
  18. Click the finished button after it is done authorizing.

You should now be able to transfer titles to your device.