User Not Activated – Windows

A PDF document of these instructions with images is also available.

If you have transferred a title to the Nook and you are receiving an error that states “User Not Activated,” your device may be activated to a different Adobe ID than the one that the Adobe Digital Editions is activated with on the computer. 

The Nook comes with an Adobe Digital Editions folder preinstalled and this sometimes interferes with the use of your device.  To fix this issue, please follow the below steps.

1.  Close the Adobe Digital Editions program if it is currently open.

2.   Connect your Nook to the computer if it is not connected.

3.   Open up “My Computer.”  On newer versions of Windows it may be called “Computer.”  It is generally located on the desktop or in the start menu in the lower left of the screen.

4.  In the “My Computer” screen, select the drive that has the word “Nook” in it and double click on it using the left mouse button.

5.  In the next screen, find the folder called “.adobe-digital-editions” and click once with the left mouse button so that it is highlighted in blue.

6.  While it is highlighted in blue, click once with the right mouse button to bring up a new list.

7.  Select “Delete” from the options.

8.  A message may pop up asking if you are “sure you wish to remove the folder .adobe-digital-editions and all its content?”   Select “yes.”

9. Close this window and disconnect your device from the computer.

10. Reconnect your device to the computer and allow it to finish synching again (it usually says “USB Mode” on the device’s screen when it is synched).

11. Re-open the Adobe Digital Editions program.

12.  It should now detect your device and ask you to authorize it.

13.  Click “Authorize Device”.

14. Click the finished button after it is done authorizing.

You should now be able to transfer titles to your device.