Using the Overdrive Read format on a portable device.

A PDF document of these instructions with images is also available.

The Overdrive Read format allows you to read an eBook in the browser of your portable device without needing any extra software or Adobe IDs.  For the Kindle Fire, you will also not be directed to finish the checkout through Amazon.  Please note that the Overdrive Read format works on most Apple products (iPod, iPad, iPhone) and Android devices (Android phones, tablets, Kindle Fire etc), as well as portable devices based on Windows (Windows phones and tablets).  It is not compatible with standard dedicated eReaders such as the basic Nook and basic Kindle models.

In order to use this format, please follow these instructions.

1.  Go to the HCPL Digital Media Catalog located at

2.  Either find a title that is checked in or check out an eBook you have on hold.

When searching for titles, you can limit your results to the Overdrive Read format by selecting “Overdrive Read” under the “Format” heading on the left hand side of the screen.

The available format information can also be found on the right hand side of the title display screen.  You can access this by clicking on the book jacket.

3.  Once you find a title to check out, go to the title detail screen to check it out. To do so, either click on the book jacket or the icon of the book in the upper right corner of the book jacket.

4.  Click on the green button that says “Borrow” to continue to check the title out. 

5.  If you are not currently signed in, you will be asked to sign in with your library card at this time.

6.  The next screen will briefly show that the title was added to your Bookshelf and how many checkouts you have remaining for your account.  To access your Bookshelf, click on the green “Go to Bookshelf” button.

7.  To start reading the title in your browser, select the green option that says “Read (In your browser).”

8.  A new tab will open on your device and show the title downloading.  Once the eBook has finished downloading you will be able to read it offline as well as when you are connected to the internet. The left hand side of the screen contains basic information on how to read the eBook in the browser.

9.  To advance the eBook to the next page, swipe your finger toward the left.  To go back a page, swipe your finger to the right. 

10.  If you swipe your finger up from the bottom of the screen, a slider bar will appear that allows you to quickly advance through the eBook.

11.  If you swipe your finger down from the top of the screen, a menu will appear.

This menu contains the table of contents.  It also lists any parts of the eBook you bookmarked.  The Book mark icon is located in the upper left of the eBook.

12.  The menu also contains 4 other icons located toward the upper right.

The first icon brings up the Table of contents.  The second icon brings up the bookmarks.  The third icon is the magnifying glass and it lets you search the eBook.  The fourth icon will allow you to resize the font as well as change the font to something else.  You can also change the background color from the fourth icon.

13.  If you want to return the Overdrive Read format early, go to your bookshelf on the HCPL Digital Media Catalog and select “Return Title” below the green Overdrive Read button.  If you choose a format such as EPUB or Kindle, you will not be able to return the title from the Bookshelf and the Overdrive Read format will no longer be available.