ValueLine Now Available Remotely

ValueLine LogoWe are pleased to announce that the popular ValueLine database, which is a resource for investors, is now available to remote users.  To use Valueline remotely, you will need your library card number to log in.


I tried this evening & could

I tried this evening & could not get in. After clicking databases --> Valueline the first time, it asked me for my library card #. After entering, it took me to a ValueLine Login Required page that needs a User ID & Password. Every time after that when clicking Valueline from the Databases page, it would then take me directly to the Valueline Login Required page & never ask me again for the library card #. Clearing cookies or trying the solution earlier in this blog did not rectify. Using Win7 & IE8.

We are aware of this problem

We are aware of this problem and are working with Valueline to solve the remote access problem ASAP.