Vampires Bite

vampireDespite the continuing heat outdoors, fall has arrived in Houston and Halloween is just around the corner! As a kid, I loved Halloween. I loved dressing up each year in a homemade costume and trick-or-treating with my friends, eating more candy than I was supposed to, and staying up too late watching old black and white scary movies. Now, my Halloweens are quieter. There is still candy (because it wouldn’t be Halloween without a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup shaped like a pumpkin), but sadly, my trick-or-treating days have long since come to an end. I do, however, still love a scary movie, particularly one featuring a blood-sucking vampire or two.

Fortunately for all of the vampire fans, there are plenty of movies and TV shows featuring the creatures of the night. While some of these stories focus on the vampires themselves, others, like Buffy the Vampire Slayer, focus on the people who hunt them and protect the human race. Some, like Vampire Academy, add humor to lighten the story, and others add a sparkling romance.

But perhaps the most popular vampire story of all, is that of Dracula. Based on the 1897 gothic novel by Bram Stoker, Dracula’s origin story has been explored in film over and over again, with each movie adding its twist to the familiar tale. This weekend, the newest version of the Dracula origin story hits theaters with Dracula Untold, starring Luke Evans.

If you’re in a Halloween-y mood but can’t make it to the theater this weekend, browse the HCPL catalog and request a vampire movie today!


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Flickr CC: Day 282/365 – Vampire Photo by: Great Beyond