Vampiric Delectables in Graphic Novels Part 2: Manga

In last week's post, I highlighted graphic novels with vampire themes. This week, I chose a few series in our Manga collection that also deal with vampires and the supernatural.

If you are unfamiliar with manga, let me give you a brief 101. Manga originates from Japan and loosely means "comic book." Manga is very popular with teens and older children; however, adults can find entertainment with them as well. Unlike American comic books, manga is read from right to left. Most series will include a little illustration of how to the read pages as well as the order of cells.

Rosario Vampire 1 Vampire Game 1 Vampire Hunter Vampire Hunter

Rosario + Vampire Exorcist by Ikeda Akihisa is about a girl who transfers to Monster High School. The school isn't comprised of your typical "jocks and nerds." Instead, she has to fit in with vampires and werewolves!

Vampire Game by Judal introduces you to Dusel, a reincarnated Vampire king, who comes back to Earth as a wildcat and vowed to defeat his ancient nemesis, Saint Pheliosta.

Vampire Hunter D by Hideyuki Kikuchi is set in 12,090 A.D. where all is destroyed and dark and vampires roam the world. A major threat to civilians is the spawned race of vampires known as Nobility and it is up to the vampire hunter D to combat them.

Vampire Knight by Matsuri Hino is set at Cross Academy that has two groups of students: the day class and the night class. Yuki Cross and Zero Kiryu are the guardians of the school, protecting the day class from the Academy's dark secret: the night class is full of vampires!

I hope you find these titles entertaining and keep posted for upcoming graphic novel lists!