Veterans Day in Hollywood

Next Monday we will take some time to honor veterans of United States Armed Services.  Throughout the history of our country, men and women alike have given a part of their lives to the defense of America.  Whether through the draft or through voluntary service, they devote themselves to us.  And we should all be grateful to them.

In the past I have focused on movies and television, both fictional and documentary, about those who served in the armed services.  This year, I thought I might take a look at just a few filmmakers who have or had been in the armed forces.  Some may surprise you.  Most will not.  From World War II to the present day, we have talented people who took time to serve.


Mel Brooks                                                            Ice-T
Charles Durning
                                                   Don Knotts
Robert Duvall
                                                         Bob Newhart
Clint Eastwood
                                                     Elvis Presley
Dennis Franz
                                                         Wes Studi
James Garner
                                                       Gene Wilder



Humphrey Bogart                                                  Henry Fonda
Ernest Borgnine
                                                    Rock Hudson
Bill Cosby
                                                                Jack Lemmon
Tony Curtis
                                                             Paul Newman
Kirk Douglas
                                                           Don Rickles


Army Air Corps/Air Force

Robert Altman                                                         Charlton Heston
Charles Bronson
                                                    Chuck Norris
Morgan Freeman
                                                    Ronald Reagan
Clark Gable 
                                                             Gene Roddenberry
Peter Graves
                                                           James Stewart



Bea Arthur (the only woman I could find)               Lee Marvin
Scott Glenn
                                                             Steve McQueen
Gene Hackman
                                                       Rob Riggle
Ernie Hudson 
                                                         George C. Scott
Harvey Keitel


Coast Guard

Beau Bridges                                                          Buddy Ebsen
Lloyd Bridges
                                                         Blake Edwards
Sid Caesar
                                                               Alan Hale, Jr.
Chris Cooper
                                                          Gig Young


This Veterans Day, remember those who served, whether they’re friends, family, neighbors, or strangers.  They may not be famous, but they deserve our respect and our gratitude.

Added note: I am terribly ashamed of myself for neglecting the actor who was the most decorated soldier of World War II.  Texas-born Audie Murphy received every combat medal awarded by the U.S. Army.  His autobiography To Hell and Back became a movie -- in which he played himself.  He went on to star in numerous movies, particularly westerns.  I have replaced the picture of Jimmy Stewart biography with one of Murphy's autobiography.  You can link to the record for the book directly from the picture or from the title just above.