The Voice of Audio

The Broker by John GrishamHave you ever given up on an audio book because you didn’t like the voice of the reader?  Or have you listened to one of an author’s books in audio format and loved it, but then found when you tried to read another book by that author, that you just couldn’t get into it?  The quality of the reader’s voice is comparable to a writer’s style –- hard to define, very personal in its ability to draw you in (or not), and one of the things that makes recommending a book to another person less than the pure science we’d like it to be. I once ripped Disc 17 of 20 out of my CD player because I just couldn’t bear to hear the reader mispronounce (in my opinion) a certain word one more time.  On the other hand, a good reader can add to your enjoyment of the book and make the characters come to life in ways you could not have imagined on your own.  Here are some of my favorite readers (and authors too!):

Michael Beck, reading John Grisham

Peter Giles, reading Michael Connelly

Dick Hill, reading Greg Iles

David Sedaris, reading David Sedaris (and performing live)

The Brass Verdict by Michael ConnellyTurning Angel by Greg IlesMe Talk Pretty One Day by David Sedaris


I completely agree ! , the

I completely agree ! , the voice of the reader and style make the book more enjoyable !

Thanks for your comment!

Thanks for your comment!