Volunteering: A wonderful American way of life

Affected by the down economy, the Maud Marks staff was reduced to the minimum. We were very concerned about the quality of service to our customers. A call for help was put out. Our community responded quickly and enthusiasticly. Within a week they all came with a smile to help:  Dippi, Gerri, Jan, Kelsey, Peggy and Usha. They joined the group that has been very active with Maud Marks for several years:  Anita, Castel, Dianne, Karen, Marilyn, Melanie, Rowshan, Smitty and Tom. They shelve, they pull books on requested list, they help process the weeding and discard. Among them there are two most veteran volunteers: Marilyn (pictured the more the merrier) who started 17 years ago when Maud Marks opened and Dianne, 10 years ago when her family moved to Katy. They come every week to help process requested items. Most often when red tubs -containing requested items-back up high we request more help teasingly: "Don't you think you should have a 'raise'?" which, for our volunteers means more of their time, more work. And they never say no.

I am always amazed at the American volunteering spirit. It is so natural, so wonderful.

HCPL truly couldn't continue to operate without its volunteers. We sincerely appreciate all their help. If you would like to volunteer, you can print out our application or come in to the library and ask for one at the Information Desk. There are twenty six HCPL locations for your convenience.


I remember when I took that

I remember when I took that photo of Marilyn,, do you miss the photographer? see you Wednesday

Marilyn & Dianne are truly

Marilyn & Dianne are truly treasures for the library. They are hard working, dedicated and fun to work with. I would also like to mention Rowshan who has volunteered many years tutoring ESL. Maud Marks has been very lucky with its wonderful volunteers!