Wait and Read

Running errands always means you'll be waiting in line somewhere. Standing in line easily becomes a chore itself, but if you have a book handy, it’s no longer something to be endured. Instead, waiting becomes a time to enjoy a good book, if only for a few minutes. 

I like to bring books that are easy to jump in and out of when I have to wait. My favorite “waiting books” are trivia and fact books because you can stop on any page and begin reading.

 Do you bring a book with you when you know you’ll be waiting in long lines?  What books do you enjoy reading as you wait?


Here are some titles I've carried with me during quick trips:

Don't Know Much about Anything : Everything You Need to Know but Never Learned about People, Places, Events, and More! by Kenneth C. Davis.  

I Used to Know That : Stuff You Forgot from School by Caroline Taggart.
Amazing Texas : Fascinating Facts, Entertaining Tales, Bizarre Happenings, and Historical Oddities about the Lone Star State by T. Jensen Lacey.

Schott's Original Miscellany: an almanac by Ben Schott.

Train station photo courtesy of SweRon .