The Walmart Foundation

walmartThe Walmart Foundation was solicited by FOLK – Friends of the Library-Kingwood for a grant earlier this year and awarded $1000.00 to provide computer and technology books for the library.  We thank the Friends and the Walmart Foundation as they partnered in this endeavor.

Computers and the technology that is needed in conjunction with their use changes so rapidly it is difficult to keep up with all the literature.  Topics ranging from web design to digital devices to programming to software guides are covered in this grant.  Titles from this grant are coming in weekly; some examples are Game Design Essentials, C Programming in Easy Steps, Exploring iPad for Dummies, Linux for Newbies and many more interesting titles.

game designc programminglinuxipad

A big thank you goes out to The Walmart Foundation for this grant and to the Friends of the Library- Kingwood for making this happen for the library.  As always the community benefits from their superb support of the library.