Walt Disney

  We all know of his work, but how much do you know about the life of Walter Elias Disney?  Find out more about this amazing man by checking out the items below.
Discovering Walt: The Magical Life of Walt Disney  by Jean-Pierre Isbouts.

As one of the people who significantly impacted American culture, Walt Disney is a frequent subject in classrooms around the world. Now kids can get closer to this remarkable man's life with this first illustrated biography, told through the emotionally engaging words of those who knew, worked with and studied Walt Disney. Historical photographs help readers travel through time, while never-before-published details about Walt's childhood bring us closer to the man behind the mouse.

Walt Disney: Entertainment Visionary  by Martin Gitlin.

Introduction to the life and work of visionary Walt Disney, who has shaped the world, impacted humanity, and changed the course of history.

Walt Disney Awards for movies

The Walt Disney Family Museum