Want More Avengers?

The Avengers movie is a big hit at the box office and shall continue being successful as we inch into summer! There is hints to a sequel in the works but why wait another year when you can check out Avengers titles from your library?

The library has many Avengers graphic novels available at your finger tip! Check out our online catalog or start off with one of these:

Avengers Origins Avengers

The Avengers: the ultimate guide to Earth's mightiest heroes by Scott Beatty

The Mighty Avengers: an origin story by Rich Thomas

Ultimate Avengers by Mark Miller

Perhaps one particular Avenger struck your fancy? Have no worries; we have titles on each Avenger as well.

 Iron Man Captain America Thor

The Invincible Iron Man. Direct of S.H.I.E.L.D. by Daniel Knauf

Captain America. America First by Daniel Knauf and others

Essential Hulk by Roy Thomas

Thor. Ages of Thunder by Matt Fraction

Who would you avenge for?