Watch Me Grow

During the first three years of life, many developmental milestones are achieved, which makes this an exciting time for both children and parents.  Everything in their world is new, and they are taking in an inconceivable amount of information. 

Unlike adults, they do not have past experience, nor an understanding of logic to help navigate their way. Consequently, there will certainly be growing pains along their path of discovery, but parents can support their children by simply talking and spending quality time with them.   

Books are one of my favorite ways to spend time with little ones, and I hope that your family enjoys the items that I have chosen this week.

Scrubba Dud Nancy Van Laan


Tumble me Tumbily  Karen Baicker

When I was a baby Deborah Niland

Sleepy ABC Margaret Wise Brown (illustrated by Karen Katz)
I'm no Sleepy Jonathan Allen
 Your Own Bed Rita M. Bergstein
 Will You Carry Me? Heleen Van Rossum

Must See  

Zero to Three's Baby Brain Map 

"The Baby Brain Map reveals the secrets of how early care enriches development."
This is a great tool for parents, especially when you consider the 75% of brain developments takes place between the ages of birth - three years. 
Information on how to deal with Temper Tantrums