"Watch the Pennies..."

Photograph of Display of Budget Books…and the dollars will take care of themselves.”  This expression was coined by Benjamin Franklin, but when I was a child, I thought it had been created by my mother's brother. My mom quoted this to us many times; the expression was something the brother who raised her taught her.  In this difficult economy, these words are especially applicable. Our non-fiction book display currently features books that deal with different aspects of a household budget: food, clothing, home repair, energy costs, paying for college, planning a wedding on a budget, etc. Click on 'Read more' to see a sampling of what you will find in our display. Come check these out with your free library card and learn new ways to save money for yourself and your family.

Cover of 'Be Centsable: how to cut your household budget in half'Be Centsable: how to cut your household budget in half by Chrissy Pate and Kristen McKee




Cover of 'Complete Idiot's Guide to Eating Well on a Budget'

The Complete Idiot's Guide to Eating Well on a Budget by Lucy Beale and Jessica Partridge




Cover of 365 Ways to Save Gas

365 Ways to Save Gas by Ronald M. Weiers




Cover of Washing Machine Repair: written especially for do-it-yourselfers...

Washing Machine Repair: written especially for do-it-yourselfers, trade schools, and other "green" technicians by Douglas Emley



Cover of Book 'Young and Hungry' by Dave Lieberman

Young and Hungry by Dave Lieberman




Cover of Poor Girl Gourmet by Amy McCoy

Poor Girl Gourmet: eat in style on a bare-bones budget by Amy McCoy




Cover of Book 'Home Repair That Pays Off'

Home Repair That Pays Off: 150 simple ways to add value without breaking your budget by Hector Seda




Cover of Book 'Get Free Cash for College'

Get Free Cash for College by Gen and Kelly Tanabe




Cover of book 'Shopping Bags: tips , tricks, and inside information...'

The Shopping Bags: tips, tricks, and inside information to make you a savvy shopper by Anna Wallner and Kristina Matisic



Cover of Book 'Consumer Guide to Home Energy Savings' Consumer Guide to Home Energy Savings by Jennifer Thorne Amann, Alex Wilson, and Katie Ackerly




Cover of Book 'How to Be a Budget Fashionista'

How to Be a Budget Fashionista: the ultimate guide to looking fabulous for less by Kathryn Finney