"Way Back in the 1960s..."

liar liar recordFor as long as I can remember, I’ve been a little intrigued by the 1960s. What exactly was going on in this decade? Politically, artistically, socially, and globally (and on the moon!), the 1960s had a lot happening and changing and the decade’s impact can still be felt – I mean, come on, there isn’t an Elvis or Michael Jackson Rock Band…it’s The Beatles’. If you’re interested in the 1960s, you might check out some of these historical fiction and non-fiction titles. And bonus points if you can name the band whose song is quoted above!

Mer’s 1960s Picks:

kaleidoscope eyes bookjacketwatsons go to birmingham bookjacketlong gone daddy bookjacketdark dude bookjacket






cracker bookjacket1968 bookjacketthe rock and the river bookjacketfallen angels bookjacket






marching for freedom bookjacketsammy and juliana in hollywood bookjacketthe wednesday wars bookjacketmy mother the cheerleader bookjacket





Flickr CCSoma Photo by: simonm1965