Way to Go, Champ!: Sports Fiction for Teens

183/365 Bowling Shoes by stuartpilbrowI never played many sports growing up.  I had my share of some tremendously awful Physical Education classes in school and a bowling class where the opposing team glared at me whenever I would cheer their strikes or spares (which I totally didn’t get, because they had done well and I was just trying to be supportive even if they weren’t on my team).  What I ultimately learned from these experiences?  1. If there is a piece of sporting equipment that can fly through the air and hit me in the head, it will.  2. I have horrible hand-eye coordination.  But despite my total lack of ability in organized sports, I still love to read sports fiction.  Whether you play a sport (or multiple sports) or even if you’re organized-sports-challenged like me (I’m a very competitive dog walker…), check out some sports fiction or fiction that features athletes!  What do you recommend?

Mer’s Sports Fiction Picks

Reality Check bookjacketTeenage Waistland bookjacketJump bookjacketLeverage bookjacketMany Stones bookjacket






Carter Finally Gets It bookjacketWhale Talk bookjacketMexican Whiteboy bookjacketWhat Happened to Goodbye bookjacketSamurai Shortstop bookjacket






Airball bookjacketPop bookjacketShooting Star bookjacketPick-Up Game bookjacketThe Ring bookjacket






berlin boxing club bookjacketChameleon bookjacketRunning Dream bookjacketRucker Park Setup bookjacketFood, Girls & Other Things I Can't Have bookjacket






Flickr CC: 183/365 Bowling Shoes by stuartpilbrow