We Have a Winner!

SRP winnerFor the past few years, the Harris County Friends of the Library have sponsored gift cards for adults that participate in the adult Summer Reading Program and are winners of a random drawing. This year, the winner of the $50 Amazon.com gift card for the Fairbanks Branch is Kim Smith. Ms. Smith had already decided that this year, she would do something that she should be doing. A young man she works with inspired her to start reading and to use the library. When she saw signs in the library and information on the library’s web site about the adult Summer Reading Program, it seemed perfect. She mostly read or listened to books by T.D. Jakes over the summer. She particularly enjoyed listening to the audio books. She will probably use the gift card to buy audio books by T.D. Jakes or Joyce Meyer. When asked for comments about adults and reading, Ms. Smith said: “I don’t think enough adults read. I recommend it to my friends and they never seem to find the time, but even 30 minutes or an hour per day can relieve stress. It makes you step back from things and see some things that you think are important really aren’t. It also gives you some different perspectives and new ideas. I got some parenting tips that have worked well with my kids.”