We Need Your Comments

The next time you come in to the Northwest library, please take a minute to fill out a comment card expressing your appreciation for the library. Whether it is about the friendly staff, or the wide range of services, please tell us what the library means to you. In mid February, we will present your collected comments before our state legislators in an urgent appeal for funding. Your words have the power to save our Texas libraries from devastating budget cuts that poised to take effect this spring.


Whether searching for a new

Whether searching for a new (or old) book or movie, doing research, getting assistance or simply spending some quiet time, I have seen the library as my "go to" place for decades. Now, even as my grandchildren discover and enjoy the treasures of the library, I continue as a loyal consumer and fan. As an AARP Tax-AIDE volunteer for the past 15 years, I have also seen the phenomenal impact that the library has on its constituency through its community programs. It is an incredible resource to the community and a vital source of information, learning and growth to people whose access to other systems is limited. Its importance cannot be overstated. -slb

I am community college

I am community college instructor. My students come to class from all walks of life and many of them depend upon the library system to gather information for papers and research. I also have 3 grandchildren that are under the age of 7 and they tare frequently taken to the library to check out books. Because both my sonand daughter-in law work the weekends are the only convenient time for the family to go together to enjoy the search for something good to read or to be read to.

I have always taken my

I have always taken my children and now grandchildren to the library for books...for story-time and for me to find OLD classic movies to rent or to find books I read as a child so that I can share them with my children and grandchildren. Books open the mind and create a unique opportunity to "travel the world or be part of an adventure" you could not do yourself. Please keep the Library available for all of us. gloriaw