We Thrive with a Little Help from our Friends

The 2017 Annual Meeting of the Harris County Friends of the Library is on Monday, April 3 at 10:00 a.m  The meeting will be held at HCPL's new administration building located at 5749 South Loop East.(Map).  If you are currently a member of one of HCPL's branch friends' groups or would like to be one, you are encouraged to attend.

After a brief businees meeting, Harris County Public Library Director Edward Melton will report on the State of the Library, and Linda Stevens, Division Manager for Programs, Partnerships & Outreach will speak on the upcoming Summer Reading Program. There will also be a discussion of fundraising and ways to increase friends group membership, so bring your ideas.

Harris County Fri`nds of the Library is working to increase the number of members-at-large to better represent the diverse communities the library serves. If you or someone you know want to get more involved with HCPL and can attend 2-3 meetings a year at one of HCPL's twenty-six branch libraries, please email HCFOL at hcfolpres@hcpl.net.