Wednesday at The Little Blue Library

Today is Wednesday, Nov 7, and we have a lot in store for you today.  At 11 am we will have our Spin-a-Yarn meeting in the Mercer Botanic Center.  It will take place at 22540 Aldine Westfield Rd.  For more information on the location, please call Carrie at 832-927-5480.  If you like to knit, crochet, create, and chat, then this is the group for you.  Then we have an extra treat for you today.  At 4 pm we will have our Paint by Numbers program.  It will take place under the Tree House at Mercer Botanic Gardens.  It is for ages 6 and up.  Come join us to practice the relaxing and fun craft of paint by numbers.  In the evening at 5 pm our Word Crafters will meet in the Starbucks at 1960 and Aldine Westfield Rd.  If you like to write or want to start, come join us!  

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