Welcome Anne to High Meadows!

You may have noticed a new face here at High Meadows. Please welcome Anne, our new Library Specialist! Anne comes to us from the Octavia Fields Library. Anne will be teaching our new computer classes and hosting some additional programs for High Meadows. Here are some fun facts about High Meadows' newest staff member, Anne. 

What's your favorite book?
My Favorite book is the Little Red Hen. I love that book to this day.
What is your favorite library question/interaction?
My favorite library question is , "How do I volunteer?" We always look forward to working with volunteers.
What is your favorite past-time/hobby?
My favorite past-time is gardening. I love plants.

How are you hoping to impact the community and library?
I hope to make a difference in the community by learning more about what the community wants to see at their library.

Welcome to High Meadows Library Anne! 

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We are so happy and excited

We are so happy and excited to have Anne here! She is a great addition to our staff.

Congratulations High Meadows

Congratulations High Meadows , You got an invaluable new member for your team! Anne is awesome!!!