Welcome, Montgomery County Neighbors

Because we're located next to the county line, many of our Montgomery County neighbors live closer to our Harris County library branch than to a Montgomery County library. Please know, Montgomery County friends, you're welcome here.

Your Montgomery County library card is welcome, too.

Or you may get a free Harris County Public library card.

If you're eighteen or older, all you need to do is fill out a registration form at the Customer Service desk and show identification indicating your name, picture, and current address.

If you're under 18 you'll have to get an adult with the appropriate relationship and identification to sign for you.

So c'mon across the creek and enjoy our library services.


Something needs to be done to

Something needs to be done to improve parking! When I take my son to the library I have to park across the street. I know it is a college campus but it is also a community library.

Thanks for your comment! We

Thanks for your comment! We recognize the problem , apologize for your inconvenience, and understand that it is created by the popularity of our programs and events. College security officers recently re-directed students into back lots, which has helped. But the solution--the construction of more parking spaces--remains an economic recovery away.  Meantime, thanks for continuing to bring your son to the library, at the cost of a long walk.