West U. Branch Is Back!

West University Branch Library reopened Monday, so stop by, say hello, browse the stacks, use one of our new Windows 10 computers or just sit and read a magazine!

We thank all of our wonderful West U. customers for their understanding and patience. We thank the City of West University Place for its support, and we thank the City of Bellaire Library for its generous assistance during West U's renovations.

The library closed in November 2016 when the West University Place City Council approved funding for necessary renovations.  The upgrades bring the library into full compliance with new ADA and safety requirements.

As requested, here are a few photos of West University Branch Library.





For those who have visited

For those who have visited this library but live further away now -could you post pictures of the updates that were done?

Please, see the West

Please, see the West University blog for a few pictures of the interior.

That's a great idea! We'll

That's a great idea! We'll try to get some for you. It should be said that many of the improvements were more for safety and ADA compliance rather than strictly decorative. Thanks for the suggestion!