West University Book Club-September 4

Leavin' a TestimonyAuthor Patsy Cravens is unable to attend our book club meeting.  Instead we will discuss highlights from our summer reading, and share book suggestions for our book group this fall.


Join us to discuss Leaving' A Testimony: Portraits from Rural Texas, by Patsy Cravens.  Wednesday September 4, at 11 a.m.  

"First settled by Stephen F. Austin's colonists in the early nineteenth century, Colorado County has deep roots in Texas history. Mainly rural and agrarian until late in the twentieth century, Colorado County was a cotton-growing region whose population was about evenly divided between blacks and whites. These life-long neighbors led separate and unequal lives, memories of which still linger today. To preserve those memories, Patsy Cravens began interviewing and photographing the older residents of Colorado County in the 1980s. In this book, she presents photographs and recollections of the last generation, black and white, who grew up in the era of Jim Crow segregation." Review from Amazon.com