Western Mysteries

Journey back to yesteryear and into the rough and tough frontier towns of Nevada and California in these exciting Western Mystery Stories! In addition to Action, Adventure, Mystery and Detection, each of and every one of these titles are 100% guaranteed to contain:

  • *At least one Missing Parent
  • *A Dog
  • *A Coffin
  • *A Mine full of Silver or Diamonds
  • *A Kid who can Outsmart the Grown-Ups (at least some of the time)
  • *Plenty of Disguises and Costumes
  • *Good Guys
  • *Bad Guys
  • *Exciting Escapes and Chases
  • *Plus exciting bonuses

Jim Ugly        Sid Fleischman. Jim Ugly
Jake Bannock is searching for his father. A week ago he attended his funeral, but he’s not so sure his actor father is really dead. A lot of strange things have been happening in Blowfly, Nevada recently and Jake thinks his grown cousin and her gambler husband are holding something back from him. A theater producer from San Francisco and a bounty hunter have come around looking for his father and some stolen diamonds. And accompanying the producer was an actress that claims his father was about to marry her! If his father is alive Jake has only one way of finding him: his father’s dog, a big sandy mutt that’s part elkhound and part wolf. His father called him Jim or Amigo. Jim’s not a pretty dog, but his nose could track a man through a river. If his dad’s alive, Jake figures, Jim Ugly will find him.

  • *Bonus: Also contains chickens!

 Behind the Masks       Susan Patron. Behind the Masks: the Diary of Angeline Reddy : Bodie, California, 1880
Like Jake, Angeline Reddy is looking for her father. The story is that he was murdered on the stairs on the way back to his office. In 1880 in the gold mining town of Bodie, California, murder is not an uncommon occurrence. As a matter of fact, her father, a prominent criminal lawyer, built up his practice defending clients accused of murder and other crimes. The scales of justice in Bodie are often tilted in favor of the mine owners, and even when it isn’t, mob justice in the form of vigilantes takes over.

  • * Bonus: A Ghost Story!

The Case of he Deadly Desperados       Caroline Lawrence. The Case of the Deadly Desperados
“My name is P. K. Pinkerton and before the day is over I will be dead. I am trapped down the deepest shaft of a Comstock silver mine with three desperados closing in on me."

Whittlin’ Walt and his sleazy sidekicks Dub and Boz have just axe-murdered “Pinky” Pinkerton’s foster parents. Now the twelve-year-old’s on the run from them with a medicine bag containing the deed to a “monster silver vein” that could make the bearer the richest person in the Nevada territory. Plenty of action, adventure, guns, and narrow escapes in this one, but only one dog that sleeps outside storefronts in town.

  • *Bonus: An extra “coffin:” a character named Isaiah Coffin who's a photographer.

 Flickr CC     Wanted Poster: librarian! Photo by: hcplebranch