Westerns: Adult Genre Challenge #3

If you’re taking our Genre Challenge this is your opportunity to experience the uniquely American genre of Westerns.  Westerns started out as “dime novels” in the mid-19th century. Classic stories and writers helped invent how we imagine the Old West. The typical Western hero is the loner who rides into town, cleans things up, and rides out again. In traditional Westerns, he's a mythic figure, a sort of medieval knight errant, while in more recent titles he may be portrayed more realistically.

 Many authors of Westerns focus their tales around the lawmen (Robert B. Parker, Craig Johnson), the outlaws (J.A. or William Johnstone, Gerald Kolpan. Mary Doria Russell) or the everyday fellow/ cowpoke (Michael McGarrity, Philipp Meyer). 
The following list highlights some Classic western authors:

Westerns, incidentally, is also one of this summer's 8 Genre Challenges in our Adult Summer Reading Program.  Read one Western and you can enter the prize drawing for a basket of Westerns books.  Read 5 different genres and you can enter our grand prize drawing which includes a Kindle Paperwhite.  For more details call the branch.