What’s Coming Up

3D snowflakeBesides our usual events, here are a few special things we have going on at the Aldine Library in the next week.
The next Doctor Who Club meeting is Saturday, January 6, at 1:00 pm. Come to watch episodes, talk about books, and play Doctor Who-related games.
We are going to host a “Book Tasting” for ages 8-12 on Monday, January 8, at 4:00. We will have four tables set up. Each one will have a different type of book and a person to talk to you about the books. “Taste” all four types of books and see which kind you like best!
Next week’s Krafty Korner adult craft will be at 10:00 am on Tuesday. We'll be making fancy 3D paper snowflakes. Great for winter decorations!
Next Thursday’s Art Club meeting (for ages 10-21) will be a special one. Someone from the Holocaust Museum will be here to show and talk about artworks that were created as Holocaust memorials. More about that later.