What Comes Next?


Don't you just love curling up to a good book? Especially the page turners that leave you wanting more? I know I do. I especially love books that are in series such as: Twilight, Hunger Games, and the Stephanie Plum novels. They're great but there is just one small problem. What comes next!? After you read the first book in a series it's sometimes difficult to find out what the next book is. Sometimes books offer the list on the last page but most of the time you have to Google that information that sometimes may not always be correct. Fortunately there is a solution. Kent District Library (KDL) offers a website that makes it easy for you to look for the next book in a specific series. Just type in the name of the series you are searching for in the tool bar and the list becomes readily available for you. So don't sweat it and start reading your favorite books in series today!. Here is a list to help you get started.



Hunger Games Series

Artemis Fowl Series

Stephanie Plum Series

'Jack' Daniels Mystery Series

Fudge Series