What do we do now?

The last Harry Potter movie comes out next week in the US.  What's next?  The Twilight movies have tried to grasp the phenomenom that was J.K. Rowling's masterpiece series. And while they have done really well, do they even come close to grasping the imaginations of millions the way Harry, Ron, and Hermione do?  The buzz about the Hunger Games movie series is already incredible, possibly outdistancing the craze over the Twilight films... but does it hold the same appeal overseas?  Is it the worldwide sensation that was created when a boy entered Platform 9 3/4 for the first time?  Who is going to be the successor to the book and movie pairing wonder that is Jo and David Heyman?  Is there even another book series in recent history that has come close to enchanting children and adults together?  The nearest thing this blogger can think of is The Wizard of Oz which was published over 100 years ago.  Will we wait another 100 years for the next marvelous inspiring series?  Only time will tell.  What do you think?