What do you do with your 526,600 minutes?

Mr. William Raymond James, a customer at the Stratford Branch Library in Highlands, is 93 years of age and comes regularly to check out books for both him and his wife of 72 years. While he may not run, bike or walk with friends anymore to get here, he continues to drive his car and occasionally brings flowers from his yard for the staff.

Mr. James has been reading his entire life, with westerns and detective mysteries being his favorites. Two of the authors he likes the best are Louis L'Amour and Faye Kellerman. Mr. James has read so much that it is often challenging to keep track of all of the books that he has already read.

He and his wife have traveled extensively in the United States, including cruises to Alaska and the Caribbean. He has traveled Mexico as well. Aside from traveling, Mr. James is someone who enjoyed deep-sea fishing and deer hunting. Before retiring, he worked at Exxon-Mobil for 31 and a half years.

We are always happy to see Mr. James and he never fails to make us smile. He is, without a doubt, one of the most prolific and dedicated readers to visit the Stratford Library.

Co-written with Jen Crouse

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