What Does McDonalds Have To Do With Reading?

So, what does "the golden aches" have to do with reading? Actually, very little.  However, if your child see a McDonalds business logo then promptly announces that they want McDonalds, it’s time to celebrate!  This action may seem insignificant but it is not.  Consequentially, when a child is able to show an awareness between a symbol and its meaning, they have taken a huge step towards learning to read.
 In addition, you can help your child develop strong pre-reading skills by creating an environment that is rich in language.  Read to your child every day; but do not limit their experience with words to only what they see in books.  Rather, take advantage of every opportunity that arises to point out and discusses; pictures, symbols and the written word. When you begin to look for these opportunities, you will soon discover that there are many chance moments in your day, when you can help expand your child’s vocabulary and background knowledge.  Both of which are necessary skills to become a strong reader.

Another way that you can support your children's development is to visit storytimes at the library. To find a storytime which is most suited for your child's needs, contact a Harris County Public Library nearest to you.  

Harris County Public Library Locations

 If you would like additional information on pre-reading skills take a look at the Reading Rockets website.