What the Girl Scouts Cooked. . .

On Saturday, September 25th, Girl Scouts donned their chefs' hats in working on the Girl Scout Interest Project Award called "Creative Cooking." This was part of Freeman's "Girl Scout Interest Project: Exploration!" program. The Girl Scouts prepared both Mexican and Taiwanese cuisines. After cooking, the Girl Scouts and Freeman staff enjoyed tastes of both Mexico and Taiwan.


I have been cooking with my

I have been cooking with my girl scout troop and it has been a wonderful experience. I have found 2 great books to use with kids. The books are divided task by task. The jar and dip mix book I use to make gift for my girls to give to people who have helped them during the year. You can find the books at this website: http://www.teaching-life-skills.com/index.html   I hope you find this helpful.