But What Should I Read Now…?

Remixed: Library books by CCAC North LibrarySometimes I just don’t know what to read next.  Some of us like to browse the shelves.  Some of us get reading recommendations from friends and family.  You might also consider checking out the nominations for reading lists.  Reading lists like the Lone Star list (for grades 6-8), the Tayshas list (for grades 9-12), and the Best Fiction for Young Adults list (grades 6-12) post all the titles that have been nominated for recognition almost every month.  These lists are like getting recommendations from your friends…if your friends were all librarians who geek out about new books.  This week I thought I’d give a snapshot of some of the books nominated for the Best Fiction for Young Adults list.  How do you hear about great new reads?

Check One Out from BFYA

me and earl and the dying girl bookjacket

drowned cities bookjacket

love & haight bookjacket

kill me softly bookjacket

harbinger bookjacket





take a bow bookjacket

masque of the red death bookjacket

the obsidian blade bookjacket

chomp bookjacket

bad boy bookjacket





see you at harry's bookjacket

lions of little rock bookjacket

never fall down bookjacket

the peculiars bookjacket

a girl named digit bookjacket





erebos bookjacket

boy 21 bookjacket

unbearable book club bookjacket

book of blood and shadow bookjacket

waiting bookjacket





Flickr CC: Library books Original photo by: CCAC North Library Remixed by: Mer L.