What They Did in Ancient Egypt

I am always mesmerized by the idea of mummification, hieroglyphics, pyramids and so many different things that the people did in ancient Egypt. I bet you are too, wouldn’t you agree? Well, you know what, let’s do something “Egyptian”. Join us on Tuesday, April 8th at 4:30 pm for Silly Science where we will learn the basic Egyptian concepts of mummies, hieroglyphics, pyramids and more. As always the program will be in the Robin Bush Activity Room. See you then! 

Check out Harris County Public Library Catalog for more awesome information to feed to your inquisitive minds. Here are a couple such examples:

 Ancient Egyptian Hieroglyphs by Kathy Allen




 Best Book of Mummies by Philip Steele




Photo Courtesy Flickr CC: Egyptian Hieroglyphics: Martie Swart