What is the Truth, Really?: Unreliable Narrators

you lie by banksyHave you ever read a book or watched a movie and you felt like the main character or narrator was leading you astray? It could be that the narrator is trying to explain a situation out of his depth; the narrator could be suffering from a psychological disorder or illness that affects her judgment; the narrator could be a pathological liar or maybe the narrator just does not want us to truly know what is going on. In English class you’d call these folks unreliable narrators. They might not be out-and-out liars, but they certainly can make the truth not so easy to uncover. What have you read with an unreliable narrator?

Mer’s Unreliable Narrator Picks:


going bovine bookjacketi am the cheese bookjacketonce bookjacketsaint iggy bookjacket


ostrich boys bookjacketliar bookjacketinexcusable bookjacketwhite darkness bookjacketnow you see her bookjacket






gentlemen bookjacketwesting game bookjacketamulet of samarkand bookjacketthe thief bookjacket





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I have always had

I have always had a particular fondness for unreliable narrators because they make the stories just that little bit more interesting. I love trying to parse out the truth from all the half-truths, lies, and omissions. Thanks for the great suggestions!