What Was Your Favorite Movie of 2013?

movie reelsFor moviegoers, 2013 was a glorious mix of award-contenders and popcorn movies, fantasy and reality, animation and live-action, courageous people and superheroes. Whether we watched in the theater or from the comfort of a living room couch, movies this year inspired us to defeat monsters of all forms, grow closer to friends and loved ones, and build our own futures.

If you missed some of these the first time, or just want to watch them a second time, browse the HCPL catalog and request a movie today! Remember some of these movies have yet to be released on DVD and so will not be available through HCPL just yet.

So what was your favorite movie of 2013? Cast your vote in the poll below, or let us know in the comments!

Flickr CC: Movie Reels Photo by: Joe Philipson 

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