But What Will I Read? Survive the Temporary Closure of Libraries Like a Librarian

The countdown has begun. You battled the crowds and long lines for bottled water and batteries and then bought five cases of tortilla chips, a case of individually packaged snacking olives and a box of chocolate Twinkies because the non-perishable shelves at your grocery store were bare and you could not leave empty handed. You've filled your bathtub with water and collected all of your ice from the ice bin in plastic grocery bags - just in case. All you needed was some books from the library and you discover all the libraries have closed their buildings until the crisis is over. WHAT WILL YOU READ??

Never fear - the building is closed, but  librarians are here with a perfect solution to your very real problem. And if you act quickly, you will have plenty to do even IF you lose both power and internet service.

Here is how  LIBRARIANS prepare for potential long periods without access to our books. (You will need access to a library card, but if you do not have one - no problem. You can sign up for the Iknow digital card on our website for free.)

  1.  Charge every electronic device you have in your house to 100%.
  2.  Download the free "Libby by Overdrive" app. 
  3.  Find your library by searching for any "Harris County Public Library". It won't matter which one you choose if you have a Harris County card.
  4.  Enter your library card number. 
  5.  Start browsing and checking out as many available books, movies, and audio books as you can, making sure they actually download onto your device so  you do not need internet to stream. 
  6.  Repeat for every Smart device and library card owned by your household.

Complete these steps and Wa LA! You have all the books and tortilla chips you need until the library welcomes you back next week. 

Stay safe and keep the roads clear. Hunker down at home with a great book from the Harris County Public Library