What is Your Favorite Halloween Movie?

jack o' lanternsIt may seem hard to believe, thanks to the last lingering summer temperatures, but Halloween is only two days away! For many people the last few days before Halloween are always busily spent prepping costumes, attending parties, and buying (and eating!) candy for trick-or-treaters. They are also the perfect time to watch favorite Halloween movies.

Interestingly, Halloween movies come in all forms. Many of them are horror movies, but even those fall in different places along the scary movie scale. Some, like the version of Dracula from 1931, aren’t really scary at all, while others, like The Conjuring are far too scary to watch alone. Some movies, like Ghostbusters and Young Frankenstein, are more humorous than they are scary, and still others, like Monster House and It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown, are family friendly Halloween movies. No matter your level of appreciation for the holiday, there is a Halloween movie for everyone.

What is your must-watch movie for Halloween? Vote for your favorite in the poll below! Don’t see your movie listed? Share your pick in the comments!

Flickr CC: Jack-o’-lanterns Photo by: William Warby


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