What's After HBO?

The HBO series, Boardwalk Empire is insanly popular, and the the season finale is just a few weeks away (Sunday, December 5th).  Realizing that many of you will soon need something to do with that extra free time I have created a list of items that you might enjoy.









Boardwalk Empire: the birth, high times, and corruption of Atlantic City 

Traces Atlantic City from its birth as a quiet seaside health resort, through the notorious backroom politics and power struggles, to the city's rebirth as an international entertainment and gambling mecca where anything goes.



Road to perdition: a novel Max Allan Collins

Black Duck  Janet Taylor Lisle



Scorsese by Ebert; foreword by Martin Scorsese. 


Visual Media






Al Capone: Scarface 

Al Capone established himself as America's most notorious gangster. A  ruthless, vindictive mobster who was generous and loyal to friends and family.

Lucky Luciano: Chairman of the Mob  

Lucky Luciano was born in Sicily in 1897, his family later came to America, where he became a petty criminal at age 15. He rose to the top of the Mafia guiding it into prostitution, gambling and labor racketeering. He was imprisoned in 1936, where from behind bars during World War II, he prevented the sabotage of U.S. Navy ships by influencing mob-controlled unions. As a result of this wartime assistance he was paroled in 1946 and deported to Italy.


disc 1.The Godfather (1972)
disc 2. The Godfather, part II (1974)
disc 3.The Godfather, part III ( 1990)
disc 4. 2001 archival supplements
disc 5. All-new 2008 supplements


History Channel St. Valentine's Day Massacre