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Did you know there’s a quick and easy way to find out what new books, movies, etc., the Harris County libraries have gotten lately? Just click the “New Titles” link on our home page, and you can select the categories that you’re interested in -- adult fiction or nonfiction, juvenile fiction or nonfiction, CDs, DVDs, and many more. The resulting list will give you links to the catalog records of all items in that category that have been cataloged in the past 30 days.


Hi, the list was last updated

Hi, the list was last updated on 09/08/2010. Can someone run a current list? Thanks so much!

I am glad you brought that

I am glad you brought that up. Because of your comment, there is now a statement on that page that says “Lists show the date of the most recent update in the top right hand corner,” meaning that when you click one of the categories, the list that comes up will show the actual date the list was created. Thank you for helping us to improve our web site.

The top of the page was probably showing “Posted Mon, 09/08/2008” because that was the date the page was set up. As a result of today’s update, it now shows “Posted Mon, 10/25/2010.”