What's your big idea?

Do you have a brilliant idea for a library program?  We'd like to hear about it!  We somtimes run out of fresh ideas, and we're willing to bet you've got plenty we've never considered.  If so, drop a suggestion in the box at the table in front of the information desk, make a comment to this post, call us, or let one of the staff know directly.  This is your library!  Let us know what you want!

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1. Please set up the outside

1. Please set up the outside lights so that they will only be on during the dark hours. Currently they are on during the day. 2. Charge at least 50 cents for request books that must come from another library. 3. Charge 5 cents for each book checked out. This is still so much cheaper than even buying from a used book store. 4. Coordinate with some gardening groups to improve the landscaping. Or seek discounted service provided by a private company and allow them to place an ad sign in the yard area.

Thank you.  Allow Christi

Thank you.  Allow Christi Whittington, our Branch Librarian, and I to answer your suggestions in turn:

1.  The lights are set to go on photo-electrically.  We will have them checked to make sure they are working properly.

2. & 3.  Libraries are generally free to customers unless items are late, damaged or lost.  Our mission is to provide free access to information.

4.  We worked closely with a local garden group at the old library building at 4102 Rustic Woods Drive.  However, this site is much larger and would require a much larger, long-term commitment for maintenance than can be expected of a local organization.  Also, the library was designed and landscaped more in line with xeriscape, or drought-resistant, plantings for a more natural look.  We have had a local girl scout group who has taken on one of the smaller beds, but with the lack of rain the whole area has experienced, all landscaping has suffered this spring and summer.  Increasing the watering is not an option as Harris County and the entire surrounding area is under an extreme drought watch and water has become a valuable commodity.  The City of Houston has instituted Phase 1 of water rationing and we are trying our best to do our part to conserve water.  As for the mowing, that is done through the County, which must go out on bid.  It is not something the library system can contract with locally.

Thank you for your comments.