Where Everybody Knows Your Name

serendipityI knew very early on that I was destined to be a city girl.  I tend to wilt outdoors, I prefer food that isn't cooked by me, and I really like movies that need subtitled translations.  Or maybe it's just that I prefer to remain anonymous when I visit the 7-11 in my pajama pants.  No matter the reason, in contrast to my everyday life, I can't get enough of small towns and villages in fiction.  They provide a warm and cozy vacation to a place with a personality of its own, complete with a variety of colorful characters that form an extended fictional family.  Judging by the popularity of many of these books, I am not alone.

From Spindle Cove to Friday Harbor, Heaven, Texas to Virgin River, romance readers seem to thrive on series with small town settings.  One of my all-time favorites is the eccentric small town of Witt's End in the Jayne Ann Krentz book Hidden Talents.  What about you?  Any small town settings you like to visit?

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