Where Has Aggie Football Gone?

Shakespeare once said “Tickle us, do we not laugh? Prick us, do we not bleed maroon?” Okay, maybe those weren’t his exact words but no Aggie would disagree with that translation. And, I am definitely a proud fightin’ Texas Aggie!

Unfortunately, as far as our football team has been going the last few seasons, fightin’ may not be the right description. The better analogy would likely be wounded, dragging ourselves across the battlefield. While the Aggies do have a 3-2 record to start the season, our three wins came against teams currently sporting a combined record of 3-13. Getting crushed 47-19 by the 3-2 Arkansas Razorbacks, not to mention the extremely disappointing loss to Oklahoma State, is unfortunately a better example of the team’s current playing level rather than the three victories.
The reason watching the Aggies struggle is so tough on me is because I started at Texas A&M during the school’s heyday. I first began attending Texas A&M University in the fall of 1998. Whenever college football season rolls around I still go to bed dreaming of that season! Defeating defending National Champion Nebraska 28-21 and beating Kansas State in double-overtime to win the Big 12 Championship Title! Those are the things Aggie dreams are made out of! Yes, we did lose the Sugar Bowl to Ohio State that year but we were the Big 12 Champions!! And……..it has been all downhill from there.
Since watching the Aggies have that wonderful 1998 season my first year, I have watched them drop to the point that they have not finished in the top-25 any season since 1999. They have only won a single Bowl Game since then and did not even make a bowl game my junior and senior years of college.  I don’t foresee them making one this season either. Considering that there are 34 Bowl Games, meaning that 68 teams in the Nation will make bowl games and A&M isn't one of them, that is a rather sad commentary on the current state of the program.
Of course, I can relive some of the glory days by reading books like “The Pride of Aggieland” and “The Fightin’ Texas Aggies: 100 Years of A&M Football”.   Still, I would rather be living the glory days and watching my Aggies crush their opposition, as opposed to reading about how they used to crush the competition. Still, I know that sports tends to run in cycles and just as surely at the top Football teams of today will eventually lose their dominance to a new challenger someday Texas A&M will regain their former glory. 
For someone like me, however, that day cannot come soon enough!  Maybe next year...
Do you have any college teams that you root for?