Where is Tibet?

book cover "Where is Tibet?"

Where is Tibet? Tibet is a plateua in Asia located north of the Himalayan mountains. India, China, and Nepal are her neighbors. Tibet was invaded by China in the 1950s. Many Tibetans fled their country to India and Nepal. Children of these refugees are growing up in exile wondering where their homeland is.

In the children's book Where is Tibet? author Gina Halpern writes of the search of a refugee Tibetan boy and girl (Pema and Tashi) for their native country. Halpern was inspired to write the story by her teaching among Tibetan refugees in India. The book features beautiful illustrations that combine line drawing, watercolor, and colored pencil. In addition, each sentence of the book is written first in the Tibetan alphabet, then as the Tibetan is pronounced, and then in English. Celebrate Asian Pacific Heritage Month by checking out this special Easy Picture book today!